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  • Plush of the Month April 2018

    Welcome to our fifth edition of Plush of the Month! Today I’ll be introducing you to a pair of twins: “Winky” the Pink Plush Puppy and “Blinky” the Blue Plush Puppy! They’ve been giving out so many cozy snuggles that it’s gotten hard to keep track of where they’re heading next! Without further ado, I, the humble copywriter, will sit down with these sweet stuffed animals and learn more about the pups behind the plush.

    Q: “Thanks for sitting down with me, you two! You’ll have to forgive me, but, which is Winky and which is Blinky?

    A (Winky): “I have pink fur and my brother Blinky has blue fur. See, it’s easy!”

    Q: “You’re right, now I’ve got it! So, what traits do you think made you the top dogs for this month’s award?”

    A (Blinky): “I think our friendliness played a big part. We always greet our new friends with a wag of our tail and a big doggy smile! We also bring super soft baby blankets along for extra comfort. Even though it’s April, it still gets chilly out there!”

    A (Winky): “Everyone loves the blankets we bring. You can get them embroidered with fun patterns or a little one’s name so they can keep it as a keepsake even after they’ve outgrown it!”

    Q: “That’s such a fun idea! I take it you’re popular with babies?”

    A (Blinky): “You bet! My sister Winky is always a top choice for baby girls and I’m a go-to for baby boys. We’re always welcome at baby showers because if there’s one thing a new baby needs, it’s a security blanket and a cuddle toy for naptime!”

    A (Winky): “Grandparents and long-distance relatives like to send us to their expecting family members, too! It’s so fun to see our new families’ smiling faces when they receive us as a gift. It lets new parents know that their relatives are thinking about them even from far away.”

    Q: “You two are too cute! I just have one more question for you today. What is your favorite song to sing to your friends?”

    A (Winky and Blinky): “Happy Birthday!”

    Q: “I’m sure you two could make any occasion happy. Thank you so much for speaking with me! And to all you blog-readers, be sure to come back in May to get an in-depth look at our next honoree!”

  • Plush of the Month March 2018

    Welcome to our March edition of Plush of the Month! Today’s interview will be extra special because, rather than one honoree, we’ve chosen three! Get ready to meet “Rosie” the bunny, “Mary”, and “Peep” the chick. These three ladies have been helping their new families get ready for Easter and they all have a unique feature that they’ll tell you more about. Today I, the humble copywriter, have gotten a chance to sit down with these sweet stuffed animals and learn more about the pals behind the plush.

    Q: “It’s so great to be sitting down with the three of you today! I love getting to do individual interviews, but talking with three of you feels special.”

    A (Rosie): “That’s because we ARE special! It’s not every day you see a plush that doubles as an Easter basket!”

    A (Peep): “Our super soft fur—or feathers—are perfect for hugging and holding chocolate!”

    Q: “That’s a very important job on Easter! Are you ever tempted to eat any of it?”

    A (Mary): “No way! I wouldn’t eat the treats the Easter Bunny trusted me to surprise my friend with!”

    A (Peep): “Yeah, we’re not the types to take candy from a baby.”

    Q: “It’s good to know you’re a trustworthy bunch on top of being so cute.”

    A (Rosie): “Thanks for saying that! We work hard to make sure, whether it’s a chocolate egg or a dyed one, that it stays safe. I even look after chocolate bunnies, which is kind of weird for me!”

    A (Peep): “Oh, girl, I feel the same way about those yellow marshmallow things. But, you gotta do what you gotta do!”

    A (Mary): “I’ve never been more grateful to be a lamb than in this moment.”

    Q: “Let’s get back to the questions, shall we? What do you think is your favorite Easter activity?”

    A (Mary): “Definitely the egg hunt! It’s so much fun getting to look in all the nooks and crannies for treats!”

    A (Rosie): “I especially like it if it’s a nice day and the egg hunt happens outside. I love the fresh air!”

    Q: “Talk about a one way ticket to spring fever! Well, it has been a real treat talking with you ladies today. I hope you have fun spending March getting ready for Easter! And to all my blog readers, remember to tune in next month for our April Honoree!”

  • Try Out These Valentine's Day Treats!

    Valentine’s Day is the greatest day of the year for chocolate lovers, but there are tons of other sweet treats out there too! Strawberry and cherry-flavored lollipops, red velvet cupcakes, and…conversation hearts. That last one gets a lot of flak, often getting compared to eating antacids or sidewalk chalk. Conversation hearts have been the butt of confectionery quips since, presumably, the dawn of time. And all they want to do is send you a compartmentalized message of romance!

    Luckily for the underappreciated candies, one website has found a way to make adorable, better-tasting treats with them. Hello, Wonderful posted a recipe for making Teddy Grahams that hold conversation hearts on their bellies! They’re super simple to make: just grab a Teddy Graham, dab a bit of frosting on his tummy, and stick on the heart. And you’re done!

    You can hop over to Hello, Wonderful’s website to check out this recipe and tons of other cool snacks and crafts for your kiddos. When you’re done, post your results by tagging us @plushiblegifts! Happy snacking!

  • Animal Jam - A Fun and Safe Internet Haven for Kids

    The internet can be confusing for anyone to navigate safely, even seasoned Millennials who grew up alongside the technology. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most parents worry about what their kids are seeing when they hop onto the World Wide Web. The game website Animal Jam is able to address these concerns and provide a super fun virtual world for kids to play in. Keep reading to find out more about the game and our own exclusive Animal Jam offers!

    Animal Jam was created in partnership with National Geographic, making it the perfect playground for animal lovers! The site has been around since 2010 and is “constantly strengthening [it’s] safety measures. Because of these efforts, Animal Jam is a certified member of the Children’s Advertising Review Council’s (CARU) Safe Harbor program.

    It isn’t just the stamp on their website that proves Animal Jam’s safety, though. On top of fostering a love of nature in children, the website has several safety rules for players to follow. Some of these rules are directed at children, such as not giving out personal information like their full real name. Other guidelines are geared toward parents, suggesting that they discuss good online etiquette and “stranger danger” with their kids.  Learn more on the safety page of the Animal Jam website!

    But past all of the little details that make the website safe, Animal Jam is genuinely fun! Kids are able to create colorful avatars, trade cool items, and play collaborative games with other Jammers. Animal Jam, Animal Jam Play Wild, and Animal Jam Academy are all free at the base level, too! Because we think AJ is such an amazing website, we’re offering this Animal Jam journal and pen set for FREE with a purchase of $24.99 or more. Use promo code ANIMALJAM at checkout and you're done! Each journal comes with a game code you can use on the Animal Jam website to get a free gift! You can buy the journal on its own for $12.99, but what better way to play than with a new fluffy friend in your lap? Happy (and safe) adventuring!

  • Download Printable Valentine's Day Cards


    It’s almost here, folks: Valentine’s Day. The day when New Year’s resolutions to eat less chocolate are broken (if they haven’t been already). How can you be expected to turn away a whole box of chocolaty goodies, anyway? I mean, come on, it’s shaped like a heart! But another big challenge, even in the world of kids, is finding the right card to tell someone that they’re pretty swell. So, we created some free printable Valentine’s Day cards that we think you’ll find “beary” cute!

    Our printable Valentine’s Day cards feature some of your favorite snuggle buddies, like Honey and Cupid. You probably know those two as our previous and most recent Plush of the Month winners! Printing and cutting out the cards makes a great addition to any list of Valentine’s Day activities for kids. Parents and grandparents can help supervise and make sure that your little one’s cards are ready for friends at school! You might even find a card in your own mailbox on Valentine’s Day.

    Check out and download our printable Valentine’s Day cards at this link! Your child’s friends will know just how much they’re loved when they open up their Valentine’s boxes.

    Get a special surprise for your child or grandchild, too! Take a look at our “pawsitively” precious plush animals in our Valentine’s Day category. Then, use promo code LOVEBEAN to receive a free box of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans with any purchase of $29.99 or more. Valentine’s Day will be extra special for your child when they open the mailbox to find a new stuffed animal friend inside! It might be an even cooler gift than a card with chocolates!