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About Us

Our Mission

To bridge miles with smiles. 

We understand that family and friends do not always live close; that's why we are dedicated to making it easy for you and your loved ones to feel together—even when apart. We've developed as a way to send not only a gift, but a sense of connection (and a new friend) that will hopefully last a lifetime.


What We Do

We specialize in creating and sending the perfect stuffed animal gift for anyone on your list. With bears and other cute creatures from beloved plush brands such as Gund, Russ Berrie, and KidKraft, we always have the right stuffed animal for any occasion—from baby showers to Valentine's day. 

We offer a simple gifting experience that saves customers time with seamless navigation, gift-ready packaging, and fast, FREE shipping. Our easy-to-use website makes finding the right gift a breeze, and tailored last minute add-ons like candy and picture frames make it easy to create a custom gift set. Plus our gift-ready packaging means items are ready to ship directly to loved ones with no downtime. 


Who We Are is a new stuffed animal gifting website from the team at OrangeOnions. Although may be young in Internet years, OrangeOnions has been an established online retailer since 2007. We've taken over a decade's worth of experience and coupled it with a worldwide logistical network to make it easy and affordable to send classic, memorable gifts. OrangeOnions is a family-owned business located in the Cleveland-area suburb of North Randall, OH. Over the years OrangeOnions has grown from modestly carrying only one product into a 104,000 square-foot retail warehouse selling thousands of different toys and other consumer products through online marketplaces as well as through their own branded websites,, and now 

And We're Proud to Say:

- We have been featured on Internet Retailer's list of top 1000 online retailers

- We are currently A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau ( 

- We are Toys For Tots event holders

- We have countless pleased customer reviews across sites like and


Meet Our Team

Here at everyone wears a lot of hats, but that's because we're a small, close-knit team that jibes really well together! We believe in teamwork and strive everyday to make the spirit of our company shine. We love what we do and take pride in being able to bring a smile to someone else's face—we're fun, we're family oriented, and it shows. 

Below are our team members who make sure your Plushible is ready for hugs at its new home.




First Name: Sara

Role: Copywriter

Favorite Plushible: "Lenny" the Kreecher Pillow, because when I was a kid I wanted to be a dragon too.

About Me: I hail from "Rubber City" and love to binge-watch shows on Netflix with my nerd friends and nerdier boyfriend!







First Name: Nisa

Role: Design & Creative 

Favorite Plushible: "Maple" The 11in Baby Cakes Girl Pup Plushbecause food is awesome, and dogs are awesome!

About Me: I am a cartoonist on my spare time.







First Name: Britney

Role: Content and Social Media Marketing Specialist

Favorite Plushible: "Broker" our Business Career Bear by Gund. He's a little bear business manso cute!

About Me: I love coffee!!! 







First Name: Anastasia

Role: Online Marketing

Favorite Plushible: “Chompy” the Big Mouth Dinosaur. Mr. T-Rex has never been cuterplus he comes with a mini caveman!

About Me: I love making breakfast for dinner.







First Name: Kaila

Role: Digital Marketing Associate

Favorite Plushible: How could you only possibly choose just one! It's a toss up between "Poncho" the 16in Puppy Activity Toyand the Gitzy Floppy Eared Bunnies.

About Me: I enjoy watching movies!







First Name: Christine (Chris)

Role: Sales and Marketing Manager

Favorite Plushible: Disney’s “Dumbo” Luxury Plush Elephant—how could not fall in love with those ears?

About Me: I love going to Cleveland Cavaliers games. GO CAVS!







First Name: Kasey

Role: HR Manager

Favorite Plushible: "Dairy" The 20in Roly Poly Animal Cow—she’s so big and cute you can’t help but to smile when you see her.

About Me: I want to own my own coffee shop someday!







First Name: Dovi

Favorite Plushible: As a huge Star Wars fan, my favorite Plushible has to be "Luke" The 12in Star Wars Bird By Angry Birds—you must always use the Force for good!

Role: Buyer

About Me: I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan!